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Actor Andy Garcia for Solis Healthcare

In early September 2018 I had the pleasure of photographing Cuban American actor and director Andy Garcia in his home town of Miami for Solis Health Plans.

Making this job a true pleasure was working with the amazing crew of Dark Light Pictures as, under the direction of Andy Garcia, myself and the Dark Light Team we shot the TV commercial and the print campaign in tandem. 

“I believe we have a responsibility in taking care of our community," shared Andy Garcia. "Specifically, the generation that took care of us. SOLIS is committed to this responsibility and to serving its plan members with compassion and respect.”

- Andy Garcia

Aerogel Technologies, Germany Tour 2018!

I had a blast during a whistle-stop tour of Germany as I shot for Aerogel Technologies and Advapor at the 2018 Aerogel conference and summer school in Hamburg and Koln.

Shooting stills and video for both companies for advertising, social media and marketing I made a ton of great content. It was really interesting working at the DLR/German Aerospace Center (Germany’s NASA).


Do NOT accidentally burst a bag of super insulating Aerogel materials in the car, it doesn’t look good!

Oh and it was Octoberfest :) opps!!!

Oh dear, time to get the shop vac!

KELLOGG'S Australia Campaign in Zero Gravity

How far will Aussies go for irresistibly tasty granola? Well, take a look at this Kellogg’s Campaign video I shot for their Kelloggs Crunchy Nut Granola. They brought a group into Zero Gravity and had them eat Crunchy Nut granola while floating!

Window seat time-lapse

Here's some fun time-lapse shot through the window during a parabolic flight in Las Vegas. Look for the random frame of a flyer towards the end when the phone floated up and pointed back into the cabin!

Also someone floated over and kicked the phone towards the end of the flight, beware of low-floating objects!