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Zero Gravity Summer


Zero Gravity

Summer 2018

The Zero Gravity Corp. have had a very busy summer which translates to many fun days shooting for me! On one of the flights we had Daniel Barry, an American engineer, scientist, and NASA astronaut. He shows off his floating skills in one of the images, leaving other flyers in his wake as he does a Superman through the cabin. 

Here's a smattering of my favorites images from the flights in Florida, New York, Washington DC and Las Vegas. 

Reef Dive for Kimpton Hotels

In June 2018 I was tasked with creating a new series of custom photography for The Kimpton Anglers Hotel South Beach. The Anglers has sponsored a very successful reef restoration project, run by the University of Miami, School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (UMSMAS).

The coral nursery in Biscayne National Park near Miami, Florida where UMSMAS replenishes wild populations of corals has seen a 92% survival of all out-planted corals. The vivid colors of a healthy reef return to Biscayne National Park once again!

Thanks go to the team at the Anglers Hotel, Blue Whale, UMSMASTarpoon Lagoon Dive Center and Rescue a Reef

Autonomous Electric Vehicles

On a stormy humid day in May 2018, I went to the Southwest of Florida for Transdev. Transdev is a global company specializing in mobility solutions and they operate the first autonomous, on-demand shuttle network in North America at Babcock Ranch, a new town under construction in Southwest Florida. 

The approach I took was to capture the vehicles in action during regular operations with models hoping on and off the bus amongst the towns residents. Transdev Marketing Manager Christopher Aiello did a fantastic job of cajoling volunteers!

I love this kind of project where you have to think on your feet. I am happy to have helped in a small way towards Transdev's goal of "reducing or eliminating the reliance on vehicle ownership and use while lowering the environmental impact of transit through sustainable alternatives"

Disney Resorts

Along with Mosquito Productions in Orlando Florida myself and John Graham shot photography and 360 VR Images for Disney.

The best thing about a 2am call time? Being finished at 10am! 

Thank you to all the team at Disney and Mosquito Productions for all your help.

Social-media influencers for the University of Miami.

Zoey Chen

I had a great time photographing a campaign on social-media influencers for the University of Miami. The shoot was over the course of one day on the business school campus. It was an absolute pleasure working with the UM team as always.

Vamsi Kanuri

Cecily Cooper

Patricia Abril

Patricia Abril