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Personal Work - Faces of Egypt

Egypt has been on my bucket-list for as long as I can remember, and recently I got to firmly cross it off. During two weeks of adventures on the Nile and the Red Sea, the people of Egypt (and the country as a whole) never failed to disappoint.

I have so many amazing images to share from my time spent in this desert oasis, that I think this will be the first of two or three galleries to come.

For now though, enjoy some of my favorite faces from Egypt.

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Photographer turned Music Venue Owner Keith Rouse for The New York Institute for Technology

The New York Institute for Technology (NYIT) commissioned me to photograph the illustrious Keith Rouse , co-owner of The Luna Star Cafe in North Miami and photographer/film maker. We had a great time collaborating on how best to make these images, at what is an incredible and eclectic location.

I’ll be heading back for great music, food and of course, the beers! If you want to join remember it’s cash only and any cover charge goes directly to the musicians. Cheers!

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NYIT Alumni Profile: Keith Rouse


Award winning Educators & Students for

“You have the seeds of greatness within you.”

That message — delivered to a gym full of 6th, 7th, and 8th-graders by their proud mayor, Mr. Anthony Caggiano — perfectly expressed the prevailing sentiment at the 2019 Vocabulary Bowl Champions celebration at Margate Middle School: For the third year running commissioned me to be present at the celebration. This year I created corporate portraits, marketing materials and captured some precious moments of the students and teachers celebrating their unprecedented third victory in as many years.

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Zero Emission, Double-Decker, Electric Buses

The world's first delivery of pure electric double decker tourist buses!

I get nerdy about this kind of stuff, so you’ll have to humor me. I was surprised to learn that a double decker coach Electric Vehicle even existed, I was chuffed to also learn that there are other fleets of electric busses across the US, (although they’re not Double deckers) but still a huge step in the right direction. [faith in humanity partially restored]

Take a look at some of the images I shot at Compass Transportation showing off these amazing vehicles.

The very memorably named “C10MS” is an electric double decker and is positioned as a luxury tourist bus. It has a range of 235 miles (about 378 kilometers) on a single charge, has 71 seats and is equipped with a restroom. They are also extremely quiet with the only sound being that from the tires and the whir of it’s electric motors. This fleet of 10 busses will serve Biotech firm Genentech and help their employees with their daily commute to and from San Francisco.

This is the first time that manufacturer BYD had delivered the C10MS globally and I hope it will the first of many, many more to come.


Getting Personal with "Americas 3rd Coast" - New Personal Work from the Great Lakes

A normal lake is knowable. A Great Lake can hold all the mysteries of an ocean, and then some.
— Dan Egan, The Death and Life of the Great Lakes