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Zero Emission, Double-Decker, Electric Buses

This is the coolest thing I have photographed this year.
The world's first delivery of pure electric double decker tourist buses!

I get nerdy about this kind of stuff, so you’ll have to humor me. Surprised to learn that a double decker EV even existed, I was chuffed to also learn that there are other fleets of electric busses across the US, (they’re not Double deckers) but still a huge step in the right direction. [faith in humanity partially restored]

Check out some of the images I shot at Compass Transportation showing off these amazing vehicles.

The very memorably named “C10MS” is an electric double decker and is positioned as a luxury tourist bus. It has a range of 235 miles (about 378 kilometers) on a single charge, has 71 seats and is equipped with a restroom. They are also extremely quiet with the only sound being that from the tires and the whir of it’s electric motors. This fleet of 10 busses will serve Biotech firm Genentech and help their employees with their daily commute to and from San Francisco.

This is the first time that manufacturer BYD had delivered the C10MS globally and I hope it will the first of many, many more to come.


Making Magic in the Snow for TranDev!

In December of 2018 TransDev commissioned me to shoot the Marketing images of the Hudson Link, their new service that takes commuters back and forth across the Tappan Zee Bridge (Now the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge).

On Monday, October 29 2018, local commuters were given access to a new enhanced bus service, Hudson Link. Transdev is operating the service utilizing state-of-the-art buses to take commuters to Metro-North train stations in Tarrytown or White Plains, both in Westchester.

Despite the weather turning very cold on us we managed to create really great images during our day riding the bus!

My image in Professor Stephen Hawking's Last Book.

Professor Stephen Hawking's last book Brief answers to Big Questions

The late Stephen Hawking did not believe in an afterlife, but he has one anyway!

His last book Brief Answers to Big Questions is one of his last projects, completed for him after he died.

I was thrilled to be asked if my image could be in this book.

Stephen Hawking Brief answers to Big Questions 1.jpeg
Stephen Hawking Brief answers to Big Questions 2.jpg